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Coosh’s Bayou Rouge has always been a lunchtime favorite of mine to grab a bite during the week. 

Coosh’s recently moved from its prior home off Kerry Forest to a new location at 6267 Old Water Road, Tallahassee, Florida.  For you locals, this is just past the Walmart on Thomasville Road on the west side of the street.  I felt the need to give their new digs a try.  So, after church I dragged the family with me to check it out.  

When we pulled into the parking lot it was difficult to find a space and I was concerned how long we would have to wait to be seated.  To my surprise we walked in and were immediately seated.  We were seated in a booth, and despite the fact the seating appeared new, I felt I was leaning forward on the cushion.  The interior is painted a dark red like the old location, but the space is much larger.  It still maintains what I would call an eclectic Louisiana feel, but due to the size, the new location does not have that intimate feel of the old location.  Our server, a young girl, was friendly and energetic.  She took our drink order and returned immediately and kept them filled throughout the meal.  As I looked around I saw the owner, Coosh, walking around greeting and talking with his customers. 

We started out with some appetizers.  My wife and I chose the Fried Pickles and my children ordered the Cajun Fries.  I have to say this was my first disappointment.  I have had the Fried Pickles at Coosh’s before, but these did not seem the same as I remembered them.  They arrived hot with a side of spicy stone mustard dipping sauce.   They had a heavy batter coating which masked the taste of the pickle buried deep inside.  Furthermore, many were stuck together, giving me the impression they went straight from the freezer to the fryer.  The Cajun fries were nothing special; just Coosh’s regular french fries sparingly sprinkled with some Cajun spices.

For my meal I ordered my favorite, the Logan Chicken Salad.   The chicken in grilled and covered in Buffalo Sauce and comes to you on top of grilled onions, shredded cheddar cheese, greens and cherry tomatoes.  I always order it with the house Bleu Cheese dressing, based upon the recommendation a year or two ago from Mrs. Coosh.  If you are not a Bleu Cheese fan, I still recommend you try it.  The Bleu Cheese is very mild and not overpowering.  My salad was wonderful.  My favorite part being the carmalized grilled onions.  My wife also ordered the Logan Salad, but substituted the chicken for shrimp and enjoyed it as much as me.  The entrees were served in mismatched fiestaware type plates which just added to the eclectic feel.

Uunfortunately, there was still yet another disappointment.   My son ordered a Pulled Pork Plate with a side of Jambalaya and fries.   I saw him eating his Jambalaya but he was making faces and picking at the pork with his fork.  When I asked him what was wrong; he said his pork was cold.  Thinking he just meant luke warm I tried a bite.  ARRGH!  He was talking refrigerator cold.  I had to call our server and she immediately took it back to the kitchen to warm- up the obviously pre-prepared pulled pork which had come out of the refrigerator.  Upon its return, even hot, there was no overlooking the amount of fat in the meat.  All I can say is it was a very poor quality of meat.

Overall, while I loved my Logan Chicken Salad and cannot say enough good things about it, I was very disappointed with my overall dining experience with my family. 

What’s Cooking Tallahassee’s Rating:
Atmosphere: B
Taste: C
Presentation: A
Service: A
Cleanliness: A
Price: $

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