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My buddy at work, and fellow food blogger, needed to run some errands today during lunch down by Tom Brown Park, so I tagged along and we went to Captain Pete’s House of Gyros to grab a bite to eat.

When you first enter, there is not much to look at or catch your attention.  The place looks run down.  There are older formica tables with old metal chairs, and booths with duck taped seats that have seen better days.  That said, it does give the place a distinct atmosphere and a feeling it has been here for a long time.  You walk up to the counter to place your order.  The sign on the back wall only contains limited information and you need to rely on menus available at the counter.   Service is friendly.  When your order is done, you give them your name, take your cup and look for a seat.  Beverages are self serve.

I ordered a King Gyros and appetizer of hummus.  Well, it all gets served together on the same plate;  so no really an appetizer.  Once our order was ready it was brought to us at the table.  The hummus was very good.  Served with a dollop of oil and a side of a tomato wedge, a few cucumber slices and an olive.   It had a nice thick consistency and a nice taste to it.  Hot pita bread comes with it to scoop it up.

The gyros is the best I have had in this town.  Smothered in diced tomatoes, chopped onions and tzatziki.  Tzatziki it that traditional Greek yogurt and cucumber sauce.  I also want to mention that for $4 extra you can get a drink, salad or rice, and a piece of Baklava with your meal.

I have to tell you I did have a problem with the cleanliness and made the fatal mistake of using the bathroom which grossed me out.  Still, it will not stop me from visiting Captain Pete’s when I have a craving for gyros.

What’s Cooking Tallahassee’s Rating:
Atmosphere: C
Taste: A
Presentation: B
Service: B
Cleanliness: D
Price: $

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